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Whether your credit is excellent, or needs some work; we offer innovative finance solutions that cover a wide variety of situations.
Our mission is to inform, strategize business insights, access variable financing solutions to all small businesses and entrepreneurs nationwide. Our MeLeC Captal Story starts on the brink of the 2007 Economy collapse. As we watched and consumed many valuable altering lessons pertaining to business, we realized rather quickly how many extremely intelligent, educated, organize entrepreneurs are so poorly informed. Now equipped with this knowledge, we understand your companies value, can't be found on balance sheets, and because of this MeLeC Capital takes the time to personally uncover your liquidity needs and unique funding challenges. As we all know; access to capital dictates the very viability of every small businesses. Having lived through many business life cycles, one common thread has defined our past success - access to capital, both human and financial. And while we can't solve your human capital issues, we can help ensure that your business has the capital needed for, growth, new equipment,new marketing campaign opportunities, open a new locations or any of the many, many other reasons small businesses need financing.


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Unlike other,financial institutions,MeLeC Capital, will always place your needs at the top of our priority list, by providing financing solutions to our clients that allow true growth and provide immediate liquidity. In addition to providing needed working capital, MeLeC Capital help's your business create improved operating inefficiencies,affording you more time and resources better served running the business and delivering products and services.

If you need fast funding for your business,, MeLeC Capital is the only name to remember to get you the cash you need without the long wait. Clients can expect funds within 5 days or in as little as a few hours in many cases. Even if you don't have perfect credit, our small, short-term loans are still available to you.

MeLeC Capital - Deliver's fast and reliable un-secured business loans and small business loans throughout the United States and Canada. Providing a variety of financial services to businesses in all 50 states, MeLeC Capital has been the name entrepreneurs have come to trust for fast and flexible funding for all their business needs. With over 16 years of commercial financing experience, MeLeC Capital works with all credit applications. We help any business from startup to more established companies acquire the working capital they need to drive their business forward in the present, competitive business landscape. MeLeC'S name Originating from the names of various critical elements of the human body, MeLeC stands for Mind, Heart, Liver - the King. MeLeC Capital is the crucial element your business needs to get your business back on track (even if you're losing money or are in bankruptcy), MeLeC Capital takes takes your business to the next level.
With our Equipment Financing Programs, you can

Preserves bank line of credit
Customized payment structures to fit your cash flow
Tax Benefits and Advantages
Off Balance Sheet Financing
Payments can be expensed.