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Whether your credit is excellent, or needs some work; we offer innovative finance solutions that cover a wide variety of situations.
Welcome to MeLec Capital - Your one-stop source of all your business financing needs.

Our Services Include:

  •  Un-secured Business Lines of Credit 
  •  Franchise Financing 
  •  Equipment Leasing 
  •  Accounts Receivable Financing 
  •  Merchant Cash Advance 
  •  Commercial Development & Construction Loans 
  •  Medical Financing 
  •  Bridge & Hard Money Loans 
  •  Commercial Real Estate Financing 
  •  Private Equity/Joint Venture 
  •  Asset based Credit 

We offer unlimited source of financing for your company's growth We can finance companies that are start-ups, losing money, or in bankruptcy, because we offer a variety of financing solutions not solely based on credit. You can get cash in as little as 24 hours with no collateral needed.

We Finance most types of businesses with fixed terms & no pre-pay penalties. Be able to capitalize on bulk purchase discounts and other time-sensitive opportunities from your suppliers and be able to meet the sudden surge in demand from unexpected orders. We're much more flexible and deliver quicker service than conventional bank loans.

Use The Money To:

  •  Use as working capital 
  •  Fund payroll 
  •  Purchase inventory 
  •  Take Advantage of Bulk/Early Payment Discounts 
  •  Fund Expansion and Growth 
  •  Respond to Seasonal Demands and Opportunities 
  •  Take on That Large New Account with Confidence 

We can look at international projects on a case by case basis. 

Loan Amount: $5,000 to $50,000,000 Interest Rate: 0% to 39.99% Apr Fixed Terms 3 months - 30 years.

 Contact our MeLeC funding specialists today who will provide an intellectual no-cost analysis of what we can provide for your company.


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